Here you can find some of the open source projects I have worked on, and see if any of them may fit a need for your projects.

TLAlertView Is a simply replacement for UIAlertView with block based completion handlers and two different dismiss animations.

TJLButtonView Is a view that contains up to 5 buttons that animate out from the center of the view when activated. Useful for social buttons when you don’t want a whole view dedicated to them or want something other than an action sheet.

TJLBarButtonMenu Is a UIActionSheet replacement that is meant to be launched from a UIBarButtonItem that is in a UIToolBar or navigation bar. The buttons animated out from the originating bar button item and dismiss by animating back to their origin.

TLStringUtils Is a collection of utility methods on NSString, providing some easier access to some common operations as well as some Higher-order functions, such as filter and map that are missing from Foundation.

UIViewDrawRectBlock is a fork of hsjunnesson’s project of the same name. I am working on extending it to support more than just UIView.

TLCameraCapture Is a drop in replacement for the normal boring camera available through UIImagePickerController. It is currently a work in progress, so if you feel like making a contribution, fork away!

RACExample Is a demo app intended to be a learning resource for ReactiveCocoa. It contains several self contained examples of real-world use cases of ReactiveCocoa.

I am also available for contract work, so if you have a need for iPhone or iPad work on an hourly or contract basis, feel free to get in touch.